UN Report Finds 45% of Women Do Not Have Right to Bodily Autonomy

UN Report Finds 45% of Women Do Not Have Right to Bodily Autonomy

Posted on the 15/04/21

A recent report by the United Nations Population Fund, or UNFPA finds that around 45% of women in this world do not have the right to bodily autonomy.

The UN report defined bodily autonomy as having three elements; Can a woman say no to sex? Can a woman decide over her own birth control? Can a woman decide over her own healthcare? Only when women were able to decide over all three were they seen as having bodily autonomy. 

The research for the report took place in 57 countries, and is an important step towards acknowledging the need  for bodily autonomy for all.

The right to bodily autonomy is one that the EHF advocates for in Europe, but this fight does not stop at its borders. It is therefore that the EHF is happy to see this report on the state of women’s rights to bodily autonomy in this world.

If you would like to read the report itself you can do so by clicking here

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