The Urgency of Rethinking and Redirection

The Urgency of Rethinking and Redirection

Posted on the 29/07/22

July 28 was World Nature Conservation Day. This day serves to remind us of the ongoing destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem and encourages us to do more for nature conservation. Besides the fight against climate change, the preservation and strengthening of biological diversity is one of the most important global tasks of our time.

Although gradual rethinking is taking place and an increased commitment can be observed among associations, companies and, of course, us inhabitants of planet earth, our efforts still need to increase significantly. After all, resource balances (e.g. on the sealing of soils, energy consumption or food waste) reach new dimensions year by year.

As a humanist federation we are committed to a sustainable environment and support the fundamental message of this day. For only a healthy environment maintains the foundations of a stable and pluralistic society and ensures the well-being of people today and future generations. Within the framework of the General Assembly of Humanists International, the Reykjavik Declaration was therefore adopted in 2019 and can be read here

The urgency of rethinking and redirection is furthermore emphasized by the fact that July 28, 2022 also marks the calculated “Earth Overshoot Day”. The analysis of the Global Footprint Network shows that this Earth Overshoot Day will once again be reached earlier than last year. As of today, humanity is living on credit, so to speak, with regard to the available natural resources, and some countries contribute more than average to the exploitation. That’s why the Global Footprint Network has compiled more than 100 solutions that have enough potential to push Earth Overshoot Day back again.

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