The Life Institute

The Life Institute


The Life Institute is an Irish antichoice campaign and pressure group primarily concerned with abortion and euthanasia debates.

It organises petitions and produces biaised scientific research and policy briefings to influence debates. It uses the religious argument of the “sanctity of life” to oppose abortion and euthanasia and tries to promote a christian view of th family.

Persons involved:

No official head of organisation.
Niamh Uí Bhriain: Spokeswoman.

Links with other organisations: Closely linked with another Irish pro-choice organisation called Youth Defence. Supported the One of Us campaign. Supports other pro-life websites such as,

Key statement: “But we need to ask: where a rape victim becomes pregnant, is abortion the answer, or is it a second violation? And does the abortion industry use the trauma of rape victims to further their own agenda?” (1)

Legal existence: Unregistered. Not registered as a charity, political party or lobby group.

Financing: Public donations. Revenue: Not found as legal existence unknown.

EU Accreditation: No.

Location: Dublin.

Contact: 6 Gardiner Place, Dublin 1 – [email protected]