Ordo Iuris


Ordo Iuris is a very conservative anti-choice association trying to influence European legislation through legal expertise.


Conservative Christian legal think tank providing legal analysis primarily on ECHR cases, but also to the Commission (e.g. One of Us) and to the OSCE. Has created a group of Conservative ‘lawyers’ and acts as a legal umbrella for conservatism in the areas of religious freedom/anti-discrimination. Ordo Iuris opposes abortion in all cases, same-sex marriage and civil partnerships and sexual education.

Persons involved:

Aleksander Stępkowski: Director
Professor at the Law Faculty of Warsaw. Represents Ordo Iuris at the OSCE. At the 2014 HDIM meeting, organised a conference on freedom of conscience where he advocated freedom of conscience in a much broader sense than usually accepted (that is, even for institutions and not only for individuals) and opposed abortion on all grounds. He wrote the book “Protection of Human Life in Its Early Stage.”
Dr Jacob Cornides (works for the European Commission and is featured as an ‘expert’ on the site).

Dr Johanna Banasuik – represented Ordo Iuris on the Polish National Committee of the “One of Us” European citizens’ initiative.

Links with other organisations: C-Fam, European Dignity Watch, Alliance defending freedom, European Center for Law and Justice are all listed as “experts” under this network.

Key statement: “Advances in biology contribute to awareness of the concrete existence of a person from before his birth. As for the violence and suffering caused by the act of abortion itself, the militant discourse supporting abortion offers no response.” (1)

Legal existence: Not found. Is affiliated to TFP Poland (Piotr Skargi) as Ordo Iuris has registered the same TFP trademark. (2)

Financing: Public donations. Revenue: Not published.

EU Accreditation: No.

Location: Warsaw.

Contact: ul. Krakowskie PrzedmieÅ›cie 20/22 m. 28, 00-325 Warszawa – [email protected]