Novae Terrae Foundation

Novae Terrae Foundation


Conservative anti-SRHR and anti-LGBTI rights pressure group.


Organizes lectures, and formulates policy briefings and research on political issues. In a pledge, the foundation asks to adopt and enforce an EU Road Map founded on the Rights of Family, as the legal union between a man and a woman, to promote the right of parents to educate their children according to their moral and religious values and to protect life understood from conception to natural death (1).

Persons involved:

Luca Volontè: Founder.
Former Italian Member of Parliament and EPP President at the COE. Currently honorary President EPP/PACE at the CoE. Chairman of Dignitatas Humanae Institute. A trustee (Patron) of CitizenGo. Stated: “the world is busy protecting puppy seals and whales, fighting against experimentation on dogs – but more than willing to kill its children.”  (2)

Links with other organisations: “Novae Terrae network” includes Dignitatas Humane Institute (of which Luca Volonte is Chairman) and The Ioana Institute (Ireland). Partners with ECLJ, Hatze Oir, The Heritage Foundation, Fondation Jerome Lejeune. Observatory on intolerance and discrimination against Christians. Works with CitizenGo to organise petitions.

Key statement: On abortion: “Right to life is the first human right, without which any other right cannot be defended or even conceived.” (3)

Legal existence: Not an officially registered NGO. (4) Registered in Milan in Viale Majno n. 17, Tax number: 97412950152.

Financing: Public donations. Revenue: Not published.*

EU Accreditation: No.

Contact: No address given