Nouvelles de France

Nouvelles de France


Nouvelles de France is a nationalist extremist Catholic ‘news’ website.

Nouvelles de France is a nationalist and Catholic traditionalist website that has strong anti-choice and islamophobic tone. It also strongly opposed  same-sex marriage, calling it “homofou” (homo-crazy) (1).

Persons involved:

Guillaume de Thieulloy: Director of publications
Secretary General of Collective Pour La Famille. Owns an extensive media network: Publishing Director of Le Salon Beige, Nouvelles de France and L’Observatoire de la Christianphobie. President of Defensor Christi association which aims to be a lobby group/legal advocacy group for Christians in Europe. Links with other orgs: Director for ‘les 4 vérites’. Parliamentary Assistant for Jean-Claude Gaudin (chair of the UMP group in Senate). Stated: “A violently anti-Christian atmosphere settled in France. It is the harbinger atmosphere pogroms and persecution. It is necessary to react – fast!” (2)

Links with other organisations: Links with le Salon Beige (same adress and director of publication), Observatoire de la Christianophobie (same director). Alain Escada of Civitas is one of the authors.

Key statement: ” Those who think this way don’t realize that in “the land of Islam”, people have pulsions that can lead to trance within a few hours. This breeding ground of impulsivity (…) cannot assure that a “moderate” Muslim in the morning will not turn “mad” at night. I want to stress that the mass adds to the problem. A few muslims working in a European country will be identified by the “constancy” and will comply with it; but as soon as a number of them get settled the connections come back and their faithfulness to the Ummah is required”. (3)

Legal existence: News website published by GT Editions. SIRET: 502 836 513. APE: 5814Z

Financing: Capital: GT Editions – 412,000 Euro (2014). (4)

EU Accreditation: No.

Location: Paris.

Contact: 3 rue de l’Arrival, Paris 75015 – +33 (0) 1 42 50 18 63