A Catholic “news site” criticised for its homophobic, racist and antisemitic content (1).


Original website went offline at the end of 2012 after sustained pressure from German & Austrian activists and its condamnation by German authorities for its far-right, antisemtic, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic and diffamotory content but has since reactivated under a new URL ( It is known for its violent stances on homosexuality (called “homo-fornicators), women (called “castrating” or murderers because they defend women’s choice over their body, with gender studies compared to nazi-endoctrinement) (2), Muslims and Jews (3).

Persons involved:

Günther Schneeweiß-Arnoldstein: chief editor.

He is also a writer for the Austrian website “Neuen Ordnung” that aimed at building a bridge between conservatives and the far-right (4) and of

Links with other organisations: Shunned by mainstream Catholic organisations for being too extreme. Has regularly featured articles from ex-SSPX bishop Richard Williamson – holocaust denier and anti-Semite.

Key statement: In response to demonstrations against the “Marsch für die Familie” in Vienna, kreuz-net described the counter-demo as an “Aufmarsch der Homo-Unzüchtler“ (a march of homo-fornicators). (5)

Legal existence: Not found.

Financing: Internet website. Revenue: Not published.

EU Accreditation: No.

Location: Vienna.

Contact: Weihburggasse 21, Vienna 1010 – [email protected]