Hazte Oir


Hazte Oir is anonline platform of signatures gathering for conservative Christian campaigns.


Hazte Oir is an online campaign site similar to CitizenGo which collects funds for conservative Christian protests/campaigns against pro-choice legislation, ‘gender ideology’, equal marriage. Created the “Derecho a Vivir” (‘Right to life’) anti-abortion campaign.

Persons involved:

Ignacio Arsauga: President and founder
He also founded CitizenGo and is —CEO of Grazz media (a social media consulting firm).
He stated: “Whoever does not accept the dogmas of the gay lobby, who refuses to be called ‘marriage’ to the union of two gays, that is automatically condemned as homophobic, and immediately lose their most basic rights.” (1)
Gador Joya: Spokeswoman of Derecho a Vivir.
Alvaro Zuelata: executive director.

Links with other organisations: Alvaro Zuelata – Also CEO of CitizenGo. According to the newspaper El Confidencial, they are linked with the Mexican far-right Catholic society El Yuente. (2)

Key statement: (On the roadmap against homophobia in the EU- Lunacek report) “we will defend the right of children to have a father and a mother, and we will ask MEPs next week to vote ‘no’ to the Lunacek report, which aims to create privileges for the gay lobby and destroy equality for all citizens.” (3)

Legal existence: A non-profit NGO under Spanish law – number 167805. Tax number: N.IF: G83068403

Financing: Financed entirely by public donations and membership dues, of which 85% goes to campaigns. Revenue: Income 1,562,737 Euro (2013). (4)

EU Accreditation: No.

Location: Madrid.

Contact: Paseo de La Habana 200, Bajo izquierda, 28036, Madrid