Gift of Life Malta

Gift of Life Malta


Gift of Life Malta is a very conservative anti-choice advocacy organisation that also opposes divorce and sexual education.


Gift of Life Malta is strongly opposed to abortion on any ground, even in cases of rape or when the mother’s health is at stake. It also opposes IVF that they call killing and inefficient. To them, cells shall have a full juridical protection as a formed and born person. On the STD section of their website, they promote abstinence at the only efficient way to prevent HIV. Gift of Life Malta is famous for its vociferous tone and was described by the newspaper Malta Today as a “a marginal group of loony bigots” (1)

Aside from their anti-choice advocacy work, they provide services for pregnant women and anti-choice education in schools through their program “Pro-life Awareness In Schools” (PAIS).

They have been directly targeting and falsely accusing humanists on their facebook page.

Persons involved:

Paul Vincenti: President

Paul Vincenti is strongly opposed to abortion right and euthanasia. He also opposed divorce, that he called a “societal suicide”. He stated on the matter: “There may not be a clear identifiable causal link between divorce and ­abortion. However, these are linked in an even more powerful manner, ­ideologically.” (2)

Links with other organisations: Gift of Life has several programs: HOPE for pregnant women, Pro-life Awareness In Schools (PAIS) and Post Abortion Trauma Healing (PATH). They have International partners based in the United Kingdom and in the USA – The UK Lifeleague (, LIFE, the U.K’s leading pro-life charity (, Human Life International ( and are affiliated with Heartbeat International ( (3)

Key statement: “Abortion condemns a woman to a life of regret.”. “The embryo is a human life. In the process of embryo freezing during IVF, many embryos die.” (4)  “When they [“pro-abortion”] say that a child should be aborted and die if it is discovered that it may be deformed, remind them that the Nazis thought on very similar lines” (5).

Legal existence: Yes.

Financing: Through donations (and possibly other unknown sources)

EU Accreditation: No.

Location: Mosta, Malta.

Contact: 20, Trejqa il-Barrieir, Mosta MST07 –  +356 79702481 – [email protected]