European Dignity Watch

European Dignity Watch


European Dignity Watch is one of the most prominent and active anti-human rights NGOs operating at the EU level.


European Dignity Watch provides policy analysis and research on issues of anti-discrimination legislation and bio-ethical topics such as abortion. The organisation has established a network of NGOs and experts who meet with MEPs and EU officials to provide them with scientific analysis and research from an antichoice point of view. In addition, the organisation played a vital role in the One of Us campaign, particularly concerning the EU’s funding of pro-SRHR initiatives in the developing world.

European Dignity Watch is also a key driving force in organising letters signed by European conservative Christian NGOs to be sent to EU officials protesting against pro-SRHR and LGBTI-rights initiatives at EU level.

Persons involved:

Jorge Soley Climent: President and Founder.
He is a trustee of the Centre for European Renewal. Founder of the Fundacion Burke (Spanish arm of the Conservative Edmund Burke Foundation).
EU accreditation.
Sophia Kuby: Executive Director.
She is also vice-chairman of the Christdemokraten für das Leben, Former Head of Operations at World Youth Day and EU advocacy director of Alliance Defending freedom. She stated: “sexuality only in a certain order has its proper place, namely in the marriage of a man and woman, in which there is the possibility of passing on new life. Homosexuality is thus always in deficit.” (1)

Links with other organisations: Network of experts and NGO’s not publicly published. Worked closely with the ECLJ as part of the One of Us European Citizen’s Initiative.

Key statement: “We seek protection for the family which is based on and respects the complementarity of a man and a woman cultivating stable relationships as the basis of a fulfilled family life.” (2)

Legal existence: Is registered in Belgium as an AISBL/IVZW (International Non-Profit Organisation). Tax number: BE 0824.846.032. (3) Registered participant organisation at the Fundamental Rights Agency.

Financing: Financed entirely through private donations. Revenue: 105,000 Euro (2013). (4)

EU Accreditation: Yes.

Location: Brussels.

Contact: 14 Rue Limauge, Brussels 1050 – [email protected]