European Christian Political Movement

European Christian Political Movement


An alliance of small fundamentalist Christian political parties from across Europe.


For the ECPM, the European values “cannot be separated from the person of Jesus Christ” and Christianity is seen as an essential source of law. They affirm in their programme that “all the earth is God’s creation, and God made all humans in his image” and thereby “strongly reject secularism”. They believe Christian values such as humility and repentance are political values. (1)

Persons involved:

Peter Östman: President.
MP for the Christian Democrats in Finland. The party advocates “respect of human dignity, the importance of family and close communities, defending the weak, encouraging resourcefulness and individual and collective responsibility, not just for themselves but also for their neighbours and the rest of creation”
Leo van Doesburg: Director for European Affairs and Policy Advising.
Director of Parliamentary Relations Dignitatis Humanae and anti-SRHR and LGBTI rights blogger. He stated that “those who oppose the One of Us initiative tried to silence millions of European Citizens who are genuinely concerned about the funding of the embryonic stem cell research and promoting abortion in developing countries.” (2)
Guido van Beusekom: General Director.
Bas Belder (SGP, The Netherlands)
Peter van Dalen (ChristenUnie, The Netherlands)
Branislav Škripek (OLaNO, Slovakia)
Arne Gericke (Familien-Partei Deutschlands, Germany)
Beatrix von Storch (AfD, Germany)

Links with other organisations: Christian Political Foundation for Europe (think-tank NGO for the ECPM). Leo Van Doesburg is also Director of Parliamentary relations for Dignititas Humanae. ECPM board member Benjamin Harnwell is Dignitatis Humanae founder.

Key statement: Van Doesburg: “The European Parliament intends to mainstream homosexuality as a new global societal norm and public policies in the EU.” (3)

Legal existence: Registered as an ‘association’ under Dutch law. Association number: 51012030. Officially recognised by the European Parliament (EP) as a political party.

Financing: Donations & Party member membership fees. Receives funding from the EP. Revenue: 366,780 Euros (2012). The grant from the EP accounts for almost 2/3 of their revenue. (4)

EU Accreditation: Not listed (but must have it as an EU-recognised party).

Location: Brussels.

Contact: 205/14 Rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels – [email protected]