Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom


One of the largest conservative Christian legal advocacy organisations in the world.


Formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund, it runs Legal Fellowship programmes to train new generations of Christian lawyers to fight for the conservative Christian agenda (against sexual and reproductive health and rights, against euthanasia, against LGBTI rights).

Mainly based in the United States, it also operates offices in Vienna, Brussels and Strasburg through its international branch, Alliance Defending Freedom International. It funds legal cases in line with its agenda.

It has linked homosexuality to pedophilia (1) and claims that a « homosexual agenda » will destroy civilisation (2). Moreover, it has defended « freedom of conscience » as a way to discriminate LGBTI people. (3)

People involved:

Michael P. Faris: President, CEO & General Counsel.
Terry Schlossberg: Chairperson.
Paul Coleman: Head of the European office
Sophia Kuby: Alliance Director for ADF International

Vice-chair of the Christdemokraten für das Leben, Former Head of Operations at World Youth Day, Board member (former Executive Director) of European Dignity Watch, she stated that “sexuality only in a certain order has its proper place, namely in the marriage of a man and woman, in which there is the possibility of passing on new life. Homosexuality is thus always in deficit.” (4)

Links with other orgs: Partner of the American Center for Law and Justice and The Heritage Foundation.

Key statements:

“Marriage is about equality and diversity. It’s about joining the two equally important and diverse halves of humanity represented in men and women. ” (5)

“What happens to marriage dictates what our society will become. The cultural battle over marriage isn’t about two individuals looking to legally establish their love. It’s much bigger than that, and much more is at stake. As marriage is redefined, children face a world that is less likely to affirm their need for both a mom and a dad. The focus of marital relationships shifts from selfless love to the desires of the individual. And the religious freedom of those who stand for marriage is threatened.” (6)

Legal existence: 501 Section C tax-exempt charitable organization under US law – EIN (Tax) number: 54-1660459. Also has Special Consultative Status since 2010 at the UN.

Financing: The US branch is primarily financed by donations but also from court awarded fees, court contributed services and investments. ADF International receives an annual grant from ADF.

Revenue: US Declaration is $51,537,690 (7). EU transparency declaration states 2 million Euro for ADF International in 2017, granted by ADF (8)

EU Accreditation: Yes – 69403354038-78

Location: Vienna

Contact: ADF European office, Landesgerichtsstraße 18/10, 1010 Vienna