Join us!

Join us!

Many thanks for considering joining us! We are looking forward to welcoming you into the club!

As a Member Organization of the EHF, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Contribute to the EHF’s advocacy and campaigns and take part in coordinated actions at EU level;
  2. Channel national or local concerns towards the European and international levels;
  3. Network with like-minded organizations, exchange experience and best practices;
  4. Look for expertise or share yours in specific domains;
  5. Look for partners to engage in bi- or multilateral projects;
  6. Participate in the General Assembly and shape the organization’s priorities;
  7. Periodically receive insider news on the EHF’s work and projects as well as on European events and other opportunities

In exchange, we only ask that your organization promotes humanism and/or secularism in the sense of the IHEU’s Minimum Definition of Humanism:

a democratic and ethical life stance, which affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives stands for the building of a more humane society, through an ethic based on human and other natural values in the spirit of reason and free inquiry through human capabilities; and is not theistic and does not accept supernatural views of reality.

There are three types of membership.

  1. Full members

Full membership is open to humanist organizations, lawfully established in a European country. Applications are dealt with in accordance with Article 27 of our statutes.  Organizations applying for full membership shall be accepted by the General Assembly (with an 80% majority) and must pay their annual membership fee (see below). Only full members are entitled to vote at the General Assembly.

  1. Associate members

Associate membership is open to any humanist organization in Europe. Applications are decided by the Board and reported to the General Assembly. The General Assembly may reverse any such decision by a simple majority. Associate members do not pay any membership fee, nor do they vote at the General Assembly.

Membership fees

As some Humanist organizations are over two centuries old and have huge membership and means while other were created fairly recently and bring together only a few dozens of members, we propose six levels of annual membership fees to our full members: € 3.700, € 2.000, € 1.000, € 500, € 250 and € 100.

Full member organizations are asked to pay the most appropriate level of subscription, having regard to their own budgets and to the number of members they have (directly or indirectly through affiliated organizations that are not themselves members).

Payments can be done via:

  • Direct transfer to our bank account:

Account n° BE36 6353 6029 0181 – Swift: BNAGBE BB

Nagelmackers – Sterrekundelaan 23 – B-1210 Brussels – Belgium

  • By Paypal:


Apply today!

Applications should be submitted using the form below sent by post or by e-mail to [email protected].

Membership Application form for organisations

Payment can be made separately once you have been admitted as member.